Laser Hair Removal


Imagine not having to shave or worry about stubble, ingrown hairs or growing out your hair to wax. Laser hair removal is the answer and is a suitable and affordable treatment for both men and women. Enjoy hair free, worry free vacations, save time not having to shave everyday and enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal. Any area can be treated and at North Okanagan Skin & Laser, our goal is to make you feel comfortable no matter what area needs attention. The “Brazilian” is one of our most frequently asked for procedures among clients. It’s often recommended among friends to have the alluring treatment at North Okanagan Skin & Laser.

Keep in mind that not all lasers are the same. What type of laser is used and who you choose to perform the treatment will determine how many total treatments you will need, how complete the depilation will be, and ultimately, your overall cost. Our prices are very competetively priced and with fewer treatments needed, the savings are yours.

We use the newest and most sophisticated medical laser on the market today. Cynosure’s Elite MPX is the gold standard for laser hair removal offering dual wavelengths to treat both light and tanned/dark skin. Unlike other clinics, you do not have to stop your laser hair removal treatments when you have a tan. The ND:YAG wavelength will treat hair without damage to dark skin. This is also the only laser approved for safely treating Asian, Indian or black skin. Your safety should be your first concern and at North Okanagan Skin & Laser, you can feel confident knowing we have the experience and equipment to provide you with the safest, most effective laser treatment available.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser works by targeting the melanin (darker colour) in the hair follicles, and destroys these follicles by means of a process called selective photothermolysis. This means that the laser beam targets the melanin and heats it up selectively, disabling the hair follicle without damage to the surrounding tissue. Our system applies a cool air to the skin during the treatment to minimize discomfort.

Preparation Before Treatment

Please shave the area to be treated the night before or the morning of the treatment.

Do not apply any lotions, creams or makeup on the area to be treated.

Do not wax or tweeze the area to be treated.


The results will vary from person to person and are influenced by a number of factors and will be discussed during your consultation. Most clients will achieve an 80-90% reduction in hair. By following your technician’s advice you will achieve the optimal outcome of hair reduction.

We recommend 6-8 treatments for laser hair removal. Depending on the area, it will need to be treated 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results. Only the hair follicles in the active growing cycle (anagen phase), respond to treatment, hence the need for multiple treatments.

Some future maintenance or touch up sessions will most likely be required after you complete your series. We offer single treatment pricing or packages of 3 or 6.

At North Okanagan Skin & Laser, the staff are experts and laser hair removal is safe no matter which areas you are treating. With 3 types of medical lasers for hair removal, you can be sure every laser treatment you receive is specially tailored to you and your skin type, hair type and genetic factors.



Single Package of 3* Package of 6*
Brows $29 $24 $20
Upper Lip or chin $39 $34 $29
Underarms $69 $59 $49
Bikini Line $69 $59 $49
Brazilian $89 $79 $69
Inner Thighs $79 $69 $59
Lower Legs& Feet /Toes $179 $169 $149
Full Legs & Feet/Toes $289 $279 $259


Single Package of 3* Package of 6*
Between Brows $29 $24 $20
Ears $39 $34 $29
Neck $69 $59 $49
Chest $109 $99 $89
Chest & Abs $199 $189 $179
Lower Back $99 $89 $79
Full Back $199 $189 $179

*Purchased as a package. | Watch for our monthly specials under the promotions tab!

*Please call for a complete price list 250-542-2721